The Bitch is Back

Perhaps some of you have noticed that I went a little radio silent on the 2nd biopsy results -- or didn't realize that my big benign announcement was only for the 1st biopsy. Let's just go ahead and pull the band-aid off. The 2nd biopsy came back malignant. I start chemotherapy on Friday, March 17. … Continue reading The Bitch is Back

The end of the chapter

I'll start with the important news: yesterday's surgery went perfectly and that damn port is GONE! I felt pretty fantastic yesterday, but today am feeling far more sore. Probably because, in feeling so good, I was like "Look! I can stretch! Look! I can straighten! Watch me as a reach for things above my head!" … Continue reading The end of the chapter


We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend away in Downtown San Diego. Saturday was spent exploring Balboa Park with a dinner at Stone Brewery in Liberty Station (highly recommend a visit to this or their other location in Escondido if you've never had the opportunity). Sunday was spent with some friends and Monday was spent sleeping. Ha! … Continue reading Tomorrow