The end of the chapter

I’ll start with the important news: yesterday’s surgery went perfectly and that damn port is GONE! I felt pretty fantastic yesterday, but today am feeling far more sore. Probably because, in feeling so good, I was like “Look! I can stretch! Look! I can straighten! Watch me as a reach for things above my head!”

After being hunched over the past 2 weeks, this was pretty dang exciting.

Today, there won’t be any reaching or stretching.

The surgical site looks great. My doctor used the same incision area from when the port was placed (1.5″ wide on the right side above my ribs). Sidenote: I JUST realized a few days ago that my port was on my PORT side. Nautical humor. Ba dum ching.

Even with the confirmation of a clear CT scan, the removal of the port it what makes the end of this cancer experience real. I feel whole once again.

This week is all about recovery, because next week, I’m back at work full time. (SOOOOO excited!) There are still some visits scheduled with my oncologist (post-op next week, and then the first post-chemo follow-up to confirm a true NED mid-month) as well as the breast specialist, starting with a breast MRI the 3rd week of July.

So, while things with my body aren’t actually DONE yet (and won’t be for some time), I feel like the hard part is over. Here’s to hoping that’s true.

9 thoughts on “The end of the chapter

  1. Hate to blow your joke, but if the port was on your RIGHT side, the right is starboard. Port is left. I only tell you so that you won’t get laughed at when you go sailing. Either side, it’s gone now and that’s what truly matters.
    TAKE IT SLOW. You’re not as young as you used to be 🙂 (or think you are) 😀 and your body will require a LOT of time to heal all the way through. Really. I know you’ve already begun adding back your activities…don’t be shocked when going to work, working all day and then coming home whoops your ass into “TIRED!!!” and probably “sore!”. It’s not just about going to work. It’s about all the energy required to talk to your co-workers who will be coming by to see you. It’s about getting back into the work groove–which basically starts all over as far as the actual work goes. (I know you’ve been doing some stuff at home–but it’s not the same thing because you could take it in bites and pieces.) Trust me on this one, honey…you will of course be back to Pre-C status quicker than I would (at my age!). Just don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than you think it should.
    Most importantly: remember all that deep introspection and pondering you’ve done over the past 6-7 months? The lessons that you learned about patience and timing and all of that? Keep a good grip on that and use it as a tool to help you in the NEW normal, which is not a return to the OLD normal.
    Love you guys, so glad SO GLAD that you’ve made this milestone and look forward to counting many more with you. Hugs to you both.

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  2. oh Jess, this is so far beyond great!!! i have to agree with Kate, PLEASE take it easy…take what you think is easy….then cut that in HALF and do that amount….I have been watching from afar, (personal reasons) but I have been so routing for you and sending you the best energy. I know your Mom has been with you every step of the way….she is so SMILING and holding your hands….take care Jess….I love you more than words could ever convey….


  3. Love you…you are an amazing, courageous, beautiful, champion at heart, worthy of everything, bold, funny, lovable, fearless woman…that’s why I love you!!


  4. OMG Jess, I am soooooo happy to hear your good news! I like to call it “one and done”! You had your one and now you’re done. Can’t wait to see you kicking butt on Strava soon!!!!!
    <3, Jan


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