For the love of all that is holy, please refrain from getting your person a blanket. But maybe that’s just me. (I received 6.) Okay, end of that rant.

So, holy fucking shit, someone you love has cancer. WTF do you do now?! Get used to this feeling. Especially if you’re a dude (aka solution finder to all problems ever). It’s going to be uncomfortable and painful to watch your person as they take on this awful disease. And you can’t do anything about it. But you can be a beacon of light to them while they go through treatment and beyond.

Things that I personally LOVED receiving to help aid me:

  • Gin Gin’s Ginger chews and (eventually) hard lozenges.
  • Aquafor (3 small bottles, perfect for keeping in different parts of the house)
  • Really nice lotion. Like Kiehl’s. Or Crabtree & Evelyn. My recommendation for the former is their Creme de Corps. It made me feel so pampered. And from the latter, their Lavender Hand Cream.
  • Comfortable men’s style pajamas — you know the kind, with a button up long-sleeve top and pants that have actual real pockets. (Don’t miss this key ingredient; yes please always on the pockets.)
  • Blankets. Okay, I know I said no to that, but try to coordinate or something with everyone else. I received 2 remarkable handmade quilts that still make me feel the love that was put into making them.
  • Healthy Food. Ish. I was diagnosed around Christmas time, so I basically had a cookie factory living in my house. There were soooo many sweets and treats that were received. And thank you thoughtful friends, but we had to start giving them away for our parents to share with their friends.If you live close by, bring them their favorite coffee, a smoothie, soup, or donuts (sidebar: I totally posted on Facebook how I really wanted donuts and my friend came by a few hours with a dozen). If you’re a bit farther away, consider an alternative to food. I was send one of the most amazing bouquets I’ve ever received from Farm Girl Flowers. They also have other non-flower items (sidebar:flowers can be touchy because they are living and then they slowly start dying in front of you… I can get how some people might not be stoked on that) like candles, and other boxes of goodies. Sometimes they’ll have succulents, which would address the earlier sidebar. There’s also quirky stores like Uncommon Goods that have fun items your person may enjoy.
  • Heating pad. For everything.
  • Your Netflix password. Or Hulu. Or HBO Go. You get the idea. This one I didn’t need, but if this poor person has no access to the boob tube, it gonna be a loooooooong and more-than-slightly depressing treatment. I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls, nature documentaries, children’s movies, and stand up sets. Fluffy was the key.

I’ll keep adding more as I think of things. It’s been awhile since my last treatment….