How quickly things can change

Hello dear friends and family... Last week the BFF came into town and I had a decent amount of energy after Day 1 of Round 2. We had lunch with my MIL, bought weird masques that moisturize your face AND make you look like a cat (those crazy Japanese).... She cooked and cleaned, and all … Continue reading How quickly things can change

Looking towards Round 2

First off, I fixed my typo of Round 2 being done. Freudian slip. I wish. I count myself correct in my previous assertion that I'd forget how shitty this would be. And I know I've complained about constipation before -- probably half a dozen times (I'm not even going to go back to round 1 … Continue reading Looking towards Round 2

Cleaning Tomorrow

My wonderful friend, Dyana, shared a great resource at the beginning of my treatment called Cleaning for a Reason. They clean women living with cancer's homes during their treatment. I submitted an application, but unfortunately services weren't available in my area. (But! If you know someone going through cancer treatment outside of OC, they support … Continue reading Cleaning Tomorrow

Sneak Peek: IP Chemo Photo Day

If I had to choose a title for the imaginary book I'd write about this experience, it'd likely be called "All I Can Do Is Smile." I firmly believe that the energy you put into this world is the energy you get out of it and that attitude makes all the difference in a situation. … Continue reading Sneak Peek: IP Chemo Photo Day

We have hot water!

Two weeks later we have this beautiful water heater (FINALLY) in place. Mold made the timeline longer than expected. Kenji claimed he was getting used to cold showers. I took not a single cold shower because fuck that. We are officially ready for the final round. Super huge shout out to our neighbor and friend, … Continue reading We have hot water!

Power Songs & Food Prep

Okay dear readers, near and far, help me out! What is your power song? AKA: The song that you just can't help shaking your booty to and dancing to and puts you in a great mood and you can just listen to over and over again... That's the song I want from you. Or songs. … Continue reading Power Songs & Food Prep


Well, my "coming out" party on Facebook was an overwhelming success. The outpouring of love and support... I grinned, I laughed, I cried as I read people's comments. My heart feels so full. I stared at the blinking cursor of my status update for easily 10 minutes, trying to figure out how to drop the … Continue reading Wow.