Cleaning Tomorrow

My wonderful friend, Dyana, shared a great resource at the beginning of my treatment called Cleaning for a Reason. They clean women living with cancer’s homes during their treatment. I submitted an application, but unfortunately services weren’t available in my area. (But! If you know someone going through cancer treatment outside of OC, they support women across the country.)

There was talk from other friends about paying for maid service, but that turned into who should I hire, blah blah blah and frankly, I’m rather particular about how my house gets cleaned. (Type A control freak, remember?)

So, when I mentioned that I was going to just deep clean my own house, another wonderful friend, Mary offered to come over and help.

Tomorrow (Sunday), we ride!

Want to come help? Many hands make light work. We’re starting at 8am. Coffee and a continental breakfast will be provided. Reply in the comments if you’re coming.

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