Something not mentioned about chemo side effects

The hair loss was no surprise. As anticipated, it came away from my head, legs, armpits and the bikini area (huuuuuuge bonus not having to shave any of these areas, less the head).

The eyebrows and eye lashes lasted up to the 6th round. You can tell I sleep on my left side because more hair is missing from there. My left eyebrow is practically nonexistent and there’s a rather large chunk of eyelashes missing from my left eye. Nothing a bit of make up can’t address.

I hadn’t considered hair in other areas and how that might be affected. Can you figure out what body part has hair that I haven’t yet named? I didn’t figure it out until this morning.

I’ve had a perpetual runny nose the past 6 months. I thought yesterday’s cleaning extravaganza (which was DOMINATED by Mary and myself, thanks Mary!!) would address any allergens in the air. But then, while I was pedaling around alone with my thoughts this morning, having to snot rocket every 10 minutes, I had an epiphany: nose hair!

Sure enough, nasal inspection proved me right.

I don’t have nose hair. Who knew?! No wonder my freakin’ nostrils don’t stop leaking.

No one mentions the loss of nose hair. So there you go.

5 thoughts on “Something not mentioned about chemo side effects

  1. Who knew? It could become a fashion statement–stuff your nostrils with a fetching snot rag so that snot doesn’t run down your lip. You could coordinate the snot rag with the head scarf and the rest of your outfit.
    I’ll bet you don’t have hair on the tops of your toes any more, either.
    You inspire me to accept my health situation with more grace than I do. Keep up the path to health! Hugs to you and Kenji.

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