CT Results

Because my doctor is awesome, she got the CT results for our appointment on Tuesday. Because the results weren’t what we were expecting, I wasn’t ready to share until today.

It wasn’t clear.

There’s a few cysts that have appeared since my last CT and we’re not entirely sure what’s inside them. They appear to be liquid (not solid on the CT, which is a good thing), but we won’t know for sure until they biopsy them.

Luckily, we can do a  biopsy with a needle and not another surgery. Currently trying to get scheduled with radiology and then we’ll await the results. We should know more in a week or so.


This is what is so scary about cancer. It’s hard not to think “what if” and that’s a feeling that will likely never go away. Results like these don’t help. More unknown. More waiting. Managing my anxiety these past few weeks has been difficult, but I’ve (mostly) been able to do it, with the help of Ativan (thank you, modern medicine) and physical activity.

New mantra: Worry about the things you can control, not the things you can’t.

17 thoughts on “CT Results

  1. Well said Jessica… I try and repeat that to myself daily and it’s hard sometimes to have faith… keep positive and if you feel you are not know I am for you as well as many others! XO


  2. As you continue your journey with cancer, remember it will continue to attempt to steal your dignity. Don’t let it. Stay positive and control what you can impact, your attitude. Remember. Dignity.

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  3. Sending lots of positivity your way! Not that I need to say this because there is no one more positive and resilient than you! But stay strong keep the faith and think of all the amazing wonderful things coming your way! You got this! Lots of love! Xoxo!!

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  4. FUCK CANCER AND THE HORSE IT RODE IN ON! OK, got that out of the way. Easier said than done, but stay strong, Jess. Remember that it is OK to take a break from being strong from time to time. Let that shit out. No rules. Can’t wait to come give you a hug in person.

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