The Biopsy

Fasting all day for an appointment sucks. SUUUUUUUCKS. Especially when you’re trying to be a functioning adult. (I’ve started taking on more projects with my job, as I ease back into full time work come July.) I hit the wall shortly before we had to leave for the appointment, which was just as well. I donned the most comfortable clothes I own and off we went.

Fasting all day sucks. Fasting sucks even more when you learn the surgeon performing your biopsy is still finishing up his first case from the morning and there are three people ahead of you.

Silver lining: since I was so focused on being hungry and what I planned eating after the biopsy, that there wasn’t much brain energy left for worrying. I only snapped out of hanger at my husband once, when he brought his freshly cooked lunch into the office we share. I consider these both wins.

We made the best of the wait, me powering through a new book, and Kenji watching a cycling race (no surprise there). The nurses, as usual, were attentive and kept me stocked in warm blankets.

The actual procedure didn’t take too long. I’ve never had a biopsy before, let alone a CT-guided one. I did not have to drink the icky fluid of previous CT scans, but they did sedate me for this one (I was awake, just VERY relaxed, and happy — yay happy juice).

The radiologist scanned me a few times so the doc could decide how he wanted to go at the cyst and we learned that one of the three had disappeared! (FUCK YES!!!!) Then, onto the business at hand. They aspirated the cyst on the left side of my abdomen and told me it was all liquid (good thing) and a normal color (also a good thing). The other cyst was in a place not easily accessible and right near my aorta, so they are only testing this one. In theory, they look the same, so they should be of the same make-up.

I should have results in about 3 days, if my doctor decides to call me with the outcome, which she typically has. Else, I have a follow up with her next Tuesday and I’ll know more then. Clearly, I’m hoping for news sooner rather than later.

You’ll know more when I know more! Go out and kick this week’s ass!

7 thoughts on “The Biopsy

  1. Can’t wait to hear that’s it all normal, God willing. Btw, you left us all hanging. What the heck did you finally eat when you were done??? Inquiring minds…. lol

    Love you!!!!

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  2. You’re so silly, making water balloons you can’t throw. LOL
    Just one more way to learn patience, m’dear. I’ve had my own path of learning about that. I’ve had lots of patience for everyone else; now I’m learning to have it for me. I’ll let you know how that’s coming along in a few years. πŸ˜€
    Love me some raw fish! We go to our sushi place and I get the hamachi sashimi; Chewie (Paul’s preferred moniker) gets the sake (salmon, not the rice wine!) and we share a small bowl of sushi rice. Om nom nom.
    Crossed fingers and lots of healing energy. Hugs around.

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