CT results & upcoming travel

I learned on Tuesday that the CT showed disease activity. The nurse wouldn’t (couldn’t) tell me more so I had to wait until a Friday afternoon phone call to find out just exactly what was going on.

The long and short of it is this: the Doxil isn’t working on its own. My CA-125 is back up over 800. While there are no masses (win!), the CT shows my lymph nodes are enlarged so something is going on. This is generalized within the abdomenm, and that’s another positive sign — it’s not a new area.

We’ll augment the treatment on October 1, adding carboplatin to the Doxil. It’ll be the same schedule (every 4 weeks) though fatigue side effects can be more pronounced. There’s also a chance for hair loss. We’ll take it as it comes, as usual.

(Sidebar:  Ever the planner, if my hair starts to fall out again, I’m going to dye it bright blue. Or rainbow. Or something. I haven’t decided on what color, but color is happening.)

While this news isn’t great, it could have been a much grimmer prognosis. So, silver lining?

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”

– from The Tragedie of Gorbuduc by Thomas Norton & Thomas Sackville

. . .

We’re headed out of the country in 6 days (!!!) for a friend’s wedding. (With Dr. T’s blessing, of course.) When we started planning the trip a few months ago, we knew we had to work in certain contingencies, should my treatment have to change. Ah, the power of foresight! K & I were prepared to cancel the trip if it was necessary. Having to plan with an exit strategy sucks, so I’m glad we don’t have to use it.

We’ll be in Italy, Spain and Portugal. We’ve both never been to Spain or Portugal, so we’re excited to share the introduction to those countries together. I spent a summer abroad in Italy, so I’m even more excited to share a sliver of this special place with Kenji. We chose Venice to kick off our trip and have a lovely apartment on the canal booked (this may be a great idea or the worst idea ever).

The timing of the trip couldn’t have been better, especially with the latest developments. It gives me something different to focus on. And, I’ve gotten quite good at settling in to “vacation mode” once I’m in it. The next 6 days, however? That’s an entirely different subject.


18 thoughts on “CT results & upcoming travel

  1. I know you’ll make the most out of this fabulous (read I am green with envy) trip. Want some tips on Spain? I know it well and I’ll be thinking positive thoughts. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Much love, Jess.


  2. You are my favorite optimist! Bright blue hair is my vote. Also, hope you have time in Portugal to visit Porto. Our daughter went to Portugal last year solo and loved the country. She brought me back some Sour Cherry Liquor aka Ginja de Obidos. You can’t get it in the US. Cheers my friend!


  3. Sorry to hear the doxil isn’t working. I’m glad there is another plan in place. I’m estatic about your trip!!! Have a fabulous time


  4. Glad to hear your positive attitude going forward… you are an amazing woman! What a beautiful trip to look forward to – have a wonderful time Jess!


  5. Stay positive! Never give up! A trip to Europe sounds wonderful right now. Be sure to visit the Prado Museum while you are in Madrid! All my strength and love to you. 😘 xoxo


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