Portland Bound + Other Things

Operation: Trial Engagement Begins

I’m headed to Portland, Oregon next week to talk to a potential trial and determine my eligibility for said trial. This appears to be the lowest risk option with the highest reward. On paper, it looks like I’m good to go good, but they have to run their own tests to determine that.

So yeah… Portland!

We are NOT moving to Portland (I wish).

If/when I get into the trial, I’ll share more details, but that’s where we landed. I’ll have a fair amount of travel up there the first month, then every 4 weeks from there (oh darn; there are definitely worse places to visit).

None of the trials we considered were in California. (I am grateful at being able to leave the state as an option.) The one in New Mexico, nicknamed The Diarrhea Trial, because of Phase I side effects (and Phase II too), already had a strike against it (#becauseNewMexico). Apparently their drug can cause major IBS and they give you a precautionary prescription for predisone (a steroid — so Pedialyte ain’t fixing that pissing asshole). Um, no thanks.

In Houston at MD Anderson, the trial was closed. But they gave me three other options they had available. Their organization is legit, but the one option that was Phase II was A LOT of infusions.

So Portland Trial it was! Bonus points for the Portland Trial:

  • They were the most communicative from the beginning.
  • There’s potential for travel reimbursement (there was none at the others).
  • Dr. Tierney lives here! I get to see her! She knows the Primary Investigator of this trial! We’re having dinner the evening of my consult! FREAKING YAY!
  • Kaiser is here! Hey, if shit hits the fan, it’s nice to know I have my insurance carrier nearby.
  • The side effects are minimal — this is an injection, not an IV.
  • Airtram! I’m taking it to get my appointment and I’m way more excited than I should be.

I’m optimistic (it’s my nature), but pragmatic. It’s entirely possible I’m not eligible for this trial for whatever reason. So I’m going to enjoy my trip there — I’m staying at what looks like a cute Bed & Breakfast (they actually have breakfast! and a parlor!) in the “woodland room.” So it’ll be quaint, or it’ll be where I’m murdered. Either way, I’m gonna make this trip fun any way I can.

* * * * *

Other stuff.

Always experimenting, I’ve altered my diet food intake again. The same “whole foods; minimally processed” preference still applies, but I’m limiting my “eating window” by checking out intermittent fasting. I’m choosing the “skip dinner” option and all I can say is:


  1. Where did all this time come from? Not having to figure out multiple meals a week (let’s be real, Kenji’s mom feeds us at least 1x a week and we eat out at least another time), means 5 meals for 2 people every week adds up. Let it be noted that on the first day when I asked Kenji what he was having for dinner, his response was, “I hate this already.” LOL
  2. Still figuring out eating enough & how exercise fits into that. This feels a lot like when I had the “keto flu” as my body adjusts to when it gets its nutrition. I’m pretty fatigued most days, but I have noticed my post-lunch “crashes” have disappeared. This could also be because I’m not in treatment, so none of this part is scientific. I have better workouts in the morning, when I can eat afterward, than working out and wandering in and out of the kitchen for the remaining portion of the evening.
  3. There are a shit ton of health benefits. It can change the function of cells, genes, and hormones. It can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. It can start various cellular repair processes and help prevent cancer, in addition to helping symptoms of chemotherapy. And then some.
    1. Source
    2. Source
    3. Source
    4. Source
    5. Source
    6. Source
    7. Source
    8. Source
    9. Source
    10. Source
    11. Source
    12. Source
    13. You get the idea. I’m not pulling this out of my ass.

PSA: Despite what every article says about intermittent fasting, YOU CANNOT DRINK COFFEE OR TEA. Drinking anything other than water starts the metabolic process, and that starts the clock. Source: Dr. Rhonda Patrick

That’s all for now. Happy beginning of fall! Can you tell the weather to catch up please?

7 thoughts on “Portland Bound + Other Things

  1. I am optimistically enthusiastic about your trial! And your list of pros sound all good! I have been doing the intermittent fasting too (but I skip breakfast unless I am doing a more challenging schedule) and have totally experienced the same thing as you – and love it. I love how uncomplicated it is compared to everything else and it totally helps my mind relax too.

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  2. Hooray for Portland and this trial! I work for a hotel in Portland and visit often (I’m remote in the Bay Area). If you ever need anything, let me know! Fingers crossed for you that this is a success.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome about Portland! I hope all goes well there. I do appreciate your updates & hope that the next time you post, there will only be good news. Sending you & Kenji positive vibes ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Good vibes on your qualifying for the trial and having a response that astonishes the doctors! FYI, a friend’s niece is getting chemo for triple negative breast cancer at Kaiser in Portland. If you need names of Kaiser docs up there for routine stuff, LMK.

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