News: The Doxil is Working

My recent blood work has shown a decline in my CA-125 test (nearly 50% down from the previous test). This means the treatment I’m on is working and I don’t need to add anything else at this time. We’ll test again in a month and go from there.

*small optimistic happy dance*

*but still not getting too excited. This is just what this is today.*

And now for a funny story from when I got these results:

I managed to miss the call (I can recognize the numbers from Kaiser now) and was left a message from the oncology RN that, “Your CA-125 levels are 422. Dr. Tewari says they are declining and this is good.”

The first part of the message made my heart drop. But the second part left me confused.

How could my levels be 425 when the last I heard they were 300? How was that a decline? Had I misheard her message?

I called back and left my own message requesting clarification. A few hours later, phone tag was over and Patty confirmed the number was indeed 422, “down from 800.”

um, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Yep. Turns out a previous CA-125 in May had peaked at 800. In a way, I’m glad I didn’t know. I’ve been a ball of anxiety leading into this third round as we waited for the indication that things were moving in the direction we wanted. I’ve never done so many different techniques to keep the anxiety at bay.

Sidenote: I’m now onto the Anxiety track in Headspace and it has me completely rethinking my entire approach to my anxiety (i.e. GO AWAY.). It’s not about getting rid of the feeling (whomp whomp). We can’t stop anxiety. All we can do is develop a different relationship with it. To be at ease with it. Someday, to even embrace it.

So that’s the latest! News. Nothing more, nothing less.

17 thoughts on “News: The Doxil is Working

  1. Glad to hear this! And as you say, this is *today*. The only constant in life is change. How’s that for an oxymoron?
    I feel you about anxiety. I have a properly diagnosed (and medicated) stress-anxiety disorder myself. Some days it wins; other days, I tell it to fuck off and ignore it. THC is wonderfully effective for it. And as I tell everyone who asks (and even those who don’t!), I’d rather be high than anxious.
    Your cancer is teaching some serious lessons–making important life changes, being able to decide what is truly important and what is bullshit (hint: most of life is bullshit because we allow it); learning that the only time you can absolutely be sure of is the eternal NOW. Live for today; let tomorrow take care of itself until it is today. And breathe. Breathing is VERY important!
    Love you guys, share hugs with your man every chance you get. I’m sending some extra hugs for you all to use.

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