Round 1 Thus Far…

I can say with confidence that this type of chemo sucks less that my initial chemo. But that’s kind of like saying being swarmed by bees sucks less than being caught in quicksand.

Day 1: Infusion Center
I actually felt pretty dang fantastic after getting injected with my poison to the point that my BFF and I met up with another friend for lunch AND made a trip to IKEA. (For Kenji’s broccoli sprout growing project…) But upon arriving home I was pretty much like:


Day 2: Time for the suck to begin?
I did leave the house once to go down to our condo gym and do a small cardio workout. We had another friend and her adorable daughter visit for a few hours, and it was wonderful to see them and catch up (she’s down in SD). Mostly, though, we chilled out because I got behind on the nausea. And that is never a good thing. I finally took a significantly high dose of marijuana edible and was golden. So golden that I fell asleep at the dinner table. Oops.

Day 3: The suck is here
This is the day that I begin a two-day regiment of Neupogen, which I chose to self administer at home. (Else, I’d have to go into the infusion center, which means leaving the house and I avoid that as much as possible when I feel this shitty.) Here’s a video of me administering the injection, in case you’re interested. If not, don’t click the link, duh. (It’s actually very anti-climactic in my opinion.) My brother came down for the morning before the BFF had to depart back to NorCal and we had good laughs and I even got completely dressed! But, when it was time to take her to the airport, I felt so nauseated that my brother ended up taking her on his way back to Long Beach. (note to BFF: I es missing jou!) I basically slept off and on the rest of the day with Kenji waking me up to eat.

Day 4: Today
One more blast of Neupogen, my daily broccoli sprout shake, a small breakfast later, I was off to therapy. My therapist could feel my different energy, which at this point is FAR more calm than it has been the past month. Finally. Nausea was still present, but now I think I’m on the way back up until my next infusion.

Cancer has a way of forcing you to “live in the now,” and since that’s what I’ve been trying to work on for months, I’m embracing this feeling and the way it’s forcing me to approach life, currently. I find that I’m meeting myself where I am, instead of trying to control where I want to be. Here’s to hoping tomorrow feels a little better and I can get out and move a little more every day.

14 thoughts on “Round 1 Thus Far…

  1. Probably be back next month to annoy you. Love you.
    I miss you.
    I miss knowing you’re in the next room. I miss making the dinner and having you boss me around in your kitchen.
    I miss hanging out with Kenji!
    I miss your stupid face, my love!

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  2. Thanks for the reminders we all need …like I said you have a future in writing … this too shall suck and pass … then you’ll be In a place most of wish we knew .. and that’s at peace with life and where you are ! Hugs

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  3. Well your Positive outlook is Mind Blowing at the very least…You are a true Warrior and so proud of you..Kick some more Cancer ASS!! You are in my daily Prayers, as always stay strong…

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