Bring on the visitors + Feeling decent

I just added a sign up area to the How You Can Help page that gives you an idea of when my good days are, and can have visitors and guests. I learned today that even a simple lunch can wear me out, so I’d prefer to keep the number of visitors at at time minimal, noting there are always exceptions to rules.

The time slots list 11:30am-4:30pm, but this is totally flexible (in most cases), and absolutely does NOT mean the entire time. This time block is when I find I lose my steam during the day, so it’s nice to have a human interaction boost. Want to only visit for an hour? Totally fine. Want to go jump around a trampoline gym for two? Also doable. The point is, HUMANS PLEASE.

In other news, I feel way better than I did yesterday. I’m definitely on my upswing to Friday’s infusion. I’m curious to see if I have similar timing of sucktitude with only gemzar, versus last week’s carboplastin + gemzar. Maybe it’ll be less, but even if it’s roughly the same timing, I’ll have 9 whole days of good feelings.

My biggest issue these days is appetite. I have none and take no pleasure in eating. I’ve reached out to my doctor to see what he recommends as far as high caloric dense foods, but if any of you have ideas, lay ’em on me. Whole milk and real butter, and all.

10 thoughts on “Bring on the visitors + Feeling decent

  1. Hi. Thanks for the update. I hope we can come up soon. I was really missing your mom today. I kept thinking she’d have good advice for me on how to handle things lately. I’m sure you think the same. xoxo

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    1. Got your VM. I’ll give you a holler later this evening. It’s interesting, I never got to that place with my mom — me asking her for advice. I became her caregiver first, and a friend “as she told me, a good daughter” at the very end. I miss what could have been in our adult relationship. XOXO


  2. Protein shakes with chia seeds, peanut butter, chocolate and any other yummy stuff. I can make and bring pver! Just gotta get thru event weekend, then I am yours! I can work from your room too. Love you

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  3. It’s ‘go time’ today…go ahead and open that 2nd can of whoop-ass. You got this girl & if you’re feeling the need for backup on this fight, just look behind you. You have a very large army of soldiers ready to help you fight this evil monster! ❤️

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