A Week Off!

A whole week. More than that! I don’t know what to do with myself! And that, my friends, is the issue. *twiddles thumbs* Except, I have the physical energy of a slug. Anyone who has some free time in their day who wants to slug out with me a bit this week, holler at me! Activities include movie watching, short walks to the park, coloring books, playing games, etc. Or, surprise me, whatever!

K and I enjoyed a very chill weekend hanging out with various friends and family. I was asleep like a rock each night by 8:30pm. The rain yesterday was glorious! We lounged in bed most of the morning with the window open. Easy amused Southern Californians…

I continue to feel better each day. The appetite remains strong, though — in full bowel disclosure — chemo and the anti-nausea medications backed me up big time for a few days. Then, my body feels it must make up for lost time, if you catch my drift.

Some admin stuff:

  • 2 labwork shifts are open! Fill ’em please. I’ll add March chemo shifts in a few weeks once my schedule is confirmed.
  • We are covered for meals this week! Thank you!

9 thoughts on “A Week Off!

      1. Let me know when you need some grub. I’ll be happy to make anything (within my limited scope of cooking) that appeals to you!

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  1. Keep the updates coming when you can, its great to see the positive attitude! Thinking back to the Levi Gran fondo, you had to be one of the strongest riders that day! For sure the strongest in our group. Your body was already in the grips of this battle but you didn’t know for another month. You will no doubt come back stronger than ever. Thinking about you everyday!

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