Round 1 Done

Last week was, in a word, exhausting. Fatigue still continues to be one of the main side effects I’m experiencing and my doc says that will compound as the treatments continue. The good news is I seem to tolerate the chemotherapy very well. There was a rough patch last week on the 2nd day after chemo, but I’m got an anti-nausea plan I’m working this time around that seems to be working well. That, and taxol has less pronounced side effects than the cisplatin.

I’m feeling pretty darn good, all things considered. And, I have a whole week off next week!

We met with the genetic department and I DO have a positive marker on the BRCA1 gene. We’ll cross that bridge after we get through this treatment. At least we now know the reason for this diagnosis.

My post-op visit went well too. I’ve been cleared to ride my bike on a trainer, so I’m excited to get a bit of activity outside of walking into my day.

Many thanks to this week’s drivers. Great seeing everyone. I’m definitely up for visitors next week if I keep feeling good.

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