Phase II: The Force Awakens

Speaking of which, we still haven’t seen Star Wars. We’re planning on going to a cushy theater in the next few weeks if anyone wants to join us.

Now, on to the business at hand.

The cancer has been defined as a high grade papillary cerous ovarian cancer. There was evidence of cancer in both ovaries, the uterus, multiple lymph nodes, and the fat pad in my pelvic region. This puts me at a late Stage 3 cancer.

Sidenote: I’m not letting staging determine anything in my mental game. I include it only as informational since I’m sure some of you are wondering.

Because microscopic cancer is pretty much a given, chemotherapy will be needed. There are a few options, but the one we’re aiming for is IP chemo (intraperitoneal chemotherapy — google it).

That will include the installation of an abdomen port and I’ll get my first round of chemo at the same time as part of my in-patient treatment. I’ll have 6 rounds of treatments that last 3 weeks long (1st day, 3rd day, 8th day) with a “down” week between treatments. This type of chemo is going to be intense with the side effects. But it gives me the best chance for reducing the recurrence. I may not be able to tolerate it, but we’ll take it as it comes. I’ll likely start a scheduler of some sort so people can sign up to take me to chemo. Once I know more details, I’ll set it up. (Ever the practical one, I am…)

Chance of recurrence is likely, and if so, will happen within the first 18 months after completion of treatment. Obviously, they’ll be monitoring everything along the way.

The staples come out on Thursday, where I’ll get a bunch of logistical information for the chemo, and then I have another follow up next Tuesday to confirm my final decision and start the planning.

Phase II, we’re coming for you.

11 thoughts on “Phase II: The Force Awakens

  1. I recommend Cineopolis in Laguna Niguel for Star Wars, they have reclining leather love seats and serve beer if that’s still allowed. Please allow Erin and I to treat you two when you’re ready… As for the rest of that shit, May the Force be with you, or Schwartz whatever you prefer 😁

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  2. Regarding Logistics, I guess, I should know one or two things ….. LOL
    My truck + driver is at your disposal …. but we can take the Porsche as well ….
    Big Hug!

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  3. I’ll take a 2×20 break to drive on a Tuesday or Friday that isn’t the 10th or 25th.

    Triple awkward back pats Jess!

    You’re a Rocky Balboa caliber fighter!!

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  4. Dear Jessica and Kenji

    As an oncology nurse with many years of experience, I can’t think of any two people more prepared to “kick this cancers ass”

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