Home Sweet Home


It feels so good to be home. My stomach is still a little wonky, so drinking Ensure. Last night’s sleep was a little rough due to more cramping and back pain. The back pain was caused by the horrific hospital bed, so I know it will go away eventually. Glad to be back in my TempurPedic. Glorious, glorious TempurPedic.

Took a walk this morning! It’s 1000% more enjoyable to be outside than doing my triangles on the 4th floor of Kaiser.

Walking path near our house

In other news, this ridiculously awesome mug was at our house when we got home. Can someone claim credit, so I can thank you properly? It was already put to use this morning with my cup o’ joe.

Best. Coffee. Mug. Ever.

Post-op appointment is in a few hours. Will post another update soon with what’s in store for Phase II.

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