Well, f*ck.

Surgery has been pushed to the week of December 21st so the liver specialist can consult during the surgery. He’s actually coming in on his day off, so that’s pretty amazing. While this is completely annoying and my ability to wait is wearing thin, my doctor assures me this is the best for my final outcome.

Turns out, the liver is sort of important.

They aim to get patients into surgery within 4 weeks of initial findings, so we are well within that timeline.

Have I mentioned yet I hate waiting?

I have a medical clearance appointment this afternoon, and I’ll have a pre-op appointment with Dr. Tierney next week. Should have the final date of surgery by tomorrow at the latest.

I’ve made the decision that even if the mass comes back as borderline I want the full hysterectomy and to forgo fertility preservation. A 2nd surgery to remove the ovary and uterus after child bearing is a guarantee, and that’s just not a risk I’m willing to take. I’m adopted. We can adopt. There’s no point in having a child if I may not be around to help raise them. My health comes first.

I know that’s the right decision for me even if it makes me sad (really, really sad). My health comes first. That’s my mantra right now.

That, and I hate fucking waiting.

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