False Alarm.

Last night we ended up at the ER.

Not surprisingly, I’m hyper aware of anything unusual going on with my body. I noticed my stool was a pinkish/red during the day, and while it gave me pause, I chalked it up to something I ate. (Anyone who has ever eaten an excessive amount of beets will know what I mean.) However, when I had some bloody vaginal discharge nearly a week before I was due to have my period, I immediately went into panic mode.

A call to the Kaiser advice nurse confirmed that my symptoms warranted a visit to the emergency room. As per protocol, no eating or drinking allowed. This was at 5:30pm.

We actually got into a room pretty quickly and a series of blood tests were promptly administered. Another ultrasound was ordered (did you know they have a wand that goes up there?) and I got the pleasure of a rectal exam. That would be my 2nd one in as many weeks. I’m quickly losing what little amount of inhibition I had to begin with.

After all that, it was a matter of waiting (notice a theme yet?). I was told if someone didn’t see by my 10:30pm, I’d likely be admitted. We passed the time watching the in-room cable (score!) as well as the clock tick by.

At 10:29pm, the doc came back saying all the results were negative and they were sending me home. BUT, that the urinalysis showed I have a UTI, so they’d give me antibiotics to treat that. WTF. My vagina is officially revolting, apparently.

I’m sure/I hope I’ll hear from Dr. Tierney today. Especially since I’m still waiting on a time for my surgery.

At this point, I’m just uncomfortable. The mass is big and that means it’s pushing against stuff. I’m ready to have this stupid thing out.

One saving grace: In-N-Out is open late. It is delicious, so we stopped by there on the way home. It was STILL busy at 11pm on a Wednesday but we happened to run into a friend who was there and catch up.

Better safe than sorry. Glad I went; glad it was nothing to worry about.

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