Green Light Go.

Level Achieved: Pre-Op Medical Clearance

This evening, I met with a physician in internal medicine to clear me for surgery. They basically want to make sure my heart isn’t going to stop suddenly (confirmed by the EKG), and that I don’t have any other medical issues that may pop up. My oncologist told me its a formality in my case, since obviously the risk of surgery is far less than leaving the mass inside my body.

Still, I passed with “average” colors. (As in, I have normal risk for someone my age.)

The only concern is that my rheumatoid arthritis may flare up from the stress of the surgery. Again, still less risky than leaving the mass in. Duh.

What I didn’t realize is what kind of protocol I have to follow prior to surgery:

  1. No aspirin 10 days before, but tylenol is allowed
  2. No advil/ibuprofen/motrin/alleve/any anti-inflammatory medications 10 days prior
  3. No vitamin E 10 days prior
  4. No herbal products or products containing fish oil or omega fatty acids 10 days prior (Apparently 10 is a magic number)
  5. No alcohol 1 week prior

I should hear from the surgery scheduling team for my pre-op and surgery appointment dates and times tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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