The latest results

Warning: Math ahead. Well, graphs based on math.

We got the CA-125 results back today, and typically, I reach out to my nearest and dearest to give them the breakdown of what’s going on first before posting here. But frankly, I’m tired and not in the mood, so everyone gets to find out together.

Okay? Okay.

My numbers have risen again, but the rate at which they’ve done so has slowed. While it’s not the downward trend we’re waiting for, it’s something.

I’ll take something.

This is what my blood marker has looked like since completion of my first round of chemo:

Here’s my blood marker since I started the PARP inhibitor:

We’re giving the PARP inhibitor another month to start moving the needle in the right direction before we make any decisions (or rather, even have any decisions to make).

Back to my usual question when I find myself up a creek without a paddle: What is true?

It’s true that I’m physically active, working full time, enjoying life and feeling good. I have a husband and dog who adore me. I have you, my friends and family to support me.

I’ve got this. We’ve got this. ❤

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