More quick news! CA-125 is 40!

I mean, what?!

I’m 5 points from normal range, people!!!

In hilariously (to me) appropriate fashion, Dr. T didn’t even deliver the news, his RN Betty did. That’s my barometer for knowing how serious things are or are not. Betty is the bottom rung (sorry, Betty, but you are); then Patty; then the man himself.

So yay. Good news as I head into the suck of infusion #4. I’m already starting to feel this round’s effects, but how can I need be in good spirits?!

15 thoughts on “More quick news! CA-125 is 40!

  1. AWESOME!!! (Check out comment I left on your last post today–it’s a link to an article about a drug that is specifically for ovarian cancer and has great promise, if you don’t already know about it.
    HUGS for you both, share them with each other!
    Love you,

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