The Latest – October Edition

Yesterday’s chemo was cancelled because my white blood cell count was too low. Yet another thing to add to the list of inconveniences caused by the addition of this new drug.

However, it appears to be worth it because my CA-125 has dropped significantly! I’m down from 1348 to 160. (Friendly reminder that a normal range is 0-40.) Ever the pragmatist, Dr. T has advised that we “don’t get too excited” until we take another test and see a continuation of a downward trend.

He’s right. It’s not good news, it’s not bad news, it’s just news. News that moves us in a more stable direction. Stability is the name of the game.

If we’re being honest, what I’m actually excited for is another week of being able to poop (it really is the little things). And, being able to get some laundry and grocery shopping done. Last weekend was a whirlwind of activities (because I try to do allthethings when I’m feeling well), so I’m grateful for an extra week of productivity.

Aaaaaand, the infusion nurse pointed out that moving my schedule by just a week, puts my next infusion in early December instead of the middle of the holidays.

Silver lining, friends. It’s always there.

22 thoughts on “The Latest – October Edition

  1. Yes, savor the good days and tear up the bad days and toss them in the trash. (I have the opposite side effect, let’s split the difference and we’re both happy!)

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