Keto Life: The First 30 Days

Technically, it’s been 38 days, but who’s counting? Certainly not me. Most definitely not me.

We’ve hit the one-month mark and I’m not dead! Or miserable!

Well, except when we watch the Great British Bake-Off, which is essentially TORTURE, and I want to eat all the things, and I remember how wonderful bread and pastries were….

*deep breath* We should probably stop doing this to ourselves, but the people are the show are just SO FUCKING BRITISH — which is to say, they’re simply lovely, and nice, and say stereotypical British-type things like “I’m dead chuffed,” and “Bollocks,” and “Bang on.”

Note to self: must find new fluffy British show to watch. Any recommendations out there? (Francie, I’m looking at you.)

Moving along, we have hit our first milestone: 30 days. As you well know from my week-by-week updates, there has been a TON of learning that occurred this past month.

Here are the top 3 things I would have told Day 1 me:

  1. Cook the same, but make it low-carb
    If you already eat whole foods, don’t worry so much about following someone else’s meal plans. Take your favorite (and easiest) recipes and make them low-carb. Supplement with keto-friendly recipes as needed.
  2. Remember net carbs are different than total carbs
    Many vegetables I was initially avoiding have far fewer carbohydrates than I thought. Spinach is your friend. So are avocados. Calorie counting apps can only tell you so much, and can sometimes be misleading! (I’m looking at you, FitnessPal.)
  3. Drink enough water. Seriously. Like it’s going out of style.
    I read this advice over and over again, but it wasn’t until I had massive cramping in my calves each morning that I finally understood this to be true. There I go learning the hard way, again. Start drinking water EARLY in the day so you don’t have to cram it all in at bedtime and then have to get up to pee every 3 hours, all night.

Do I still want to shove my face into anything sugary or dough-like? Yes, but less than I used to. The sugar monster who lives inside of me has quieted a bit. The desire to just chuck this whole thing out the window, and consume an entire box of oreos with milk and a side of pudding (because go big or go home, right?) has lessened. So that’s something.

Onward, ho!

11 thoughts on “Keto Life: The First 30 Days

  1. Fantastic stuff! Great job fighting the sugar monster. Lol. If you haven’t tried keto pudding u should it will absolutely help if u need something sweet. It’s a pint of heavy whipping cream and ur favorite sugar free pudding box. Just stir together and it’s amazing! I also have a recipe for slow cooked candied pecans on my blog if you like those! Hope this helps. Can’t wait to read more!

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    1. Oooh! Thanks for the tip! I tried looking for sugar free jello at my regular grocery store (Sprouts) but they didn’t have any. May have to go to one of the bigger ones to get those. I will DEFINITELY check out your candied pecans, that sounds delish!


  2. You’re doing this Keto Queen! I’m in awe of you. And there are other British shows that aren’t quite as tempting. Those quaint British baking bastards make me want all the baked goods. I love Victoria, Downtown Abbey, Luther, Catastrophe, the Graham Norton Show, the Paradise…there are so many more, I’ll get back to you when I can think of them. Love you!!!

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  3. Glad the sugar monster has quieted down.
    Some British shows I watched this past year that I liked: The Tunnel (British and French), My Mother and Other Strangers, Grantchester, Wallander. They aren’t fluffy though so maybe better on the days when you want a drama.

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  4. See, it’s not so bad! (LOL) It can be done–and you ARE doing it!
    If you insist upon watching baking shows, then consider each baked item as an artifact in a museum; lovely to look at, but not consumable. May I suggest going onto Netflix and watching a lot of the barbecue-themed shows? (There’s “Barbecue”, “Cooked”, “Steak Revolution” and “The Chef’s Table”) If you’re really set on British accents, have you watched “Midsomer Murders”? Not fluffy, but still satisfying. “Food: Delicious Science” is very interesting and there IS a British accent audible. (And there’s always “Sherlock”, which is both British accents AND Benedict Cumberbatch. While he’s not a sugary confection, I would do naughty things with him.)
    Keep up the good work; it’s only going to get easier as you really get it integrated into daily living, as a habit and “just the way we do things”.
    Hugs to you and Kenji!

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  5. Keep it up… I have been keto for almost 2 years now. Try paleotracker app, which shows net carbs as part of the daily macros. Water is key, so is magnesium supplementation. If you are physically active, you may find yourself cramping up a little, this is due to lack of mag, which happens when going keto.

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    1. Thanks! I’ll check out the paleotracker app for sure. I was super annoyed when I realized MyFitnessPal wasn’t giving me net carbs (even when I tried the premium version). Water is SO important, couldn’t agree more. I’m a (former) athlete (trying to get back there again), so I take magnesium supplements every day, along with a multi-vitamin, plus calcium & vitamin D.

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  6. Hi!
    The only British program I watch (one day late, through YouTube) is Escape to the Country. I’m addicted. if you want to see Europe, check Escape to the Continent (many British living in France, you know). There is also Escape to the Château, but I believe it’s a one-off. People don’t buy and remodel French castles every day…
    First week of keto here. Going as “high” as 6g of carbo – still alive and kicking! 😉

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions! That totally sounds up my alley.

      And good luck with your keto journey! Only 6g of net carbs?! How is that even possible? I’m doing 25 and struggle. Hope you didn’t have the keto “flu” too bad!


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