Praise be to strawberries

Back in college, I had a “Do It Yourself Genius Kit,” which was a collection of 4 tiny books (seriously, like 1.5″ wide by 2″ high) with a different random fact on each page. For instance, Napoleon was afraid of cats, and blondes have thicker hair than brunettes. Stuff like that.

You can tell that some of it has stuck with me.

I thought of another fact while I was grocery shopping: lemons have more sugar than strawberries.

Thanks to the age of smart phones, I have determined this is not true! (Napoleon is a maybe, and blondes have more, although not necessarily thicker, hair.)

But! Strawberries are significantly less sugar than “regular” fruit.

You bet your sweet ass I picked up a clam shell of strawberries. I don’t even care that they’re going to taste like nothing since they’re out of season. Also picked up some heavy whipping cream. You see where I’m going with this? A keto-friendly dessert that doesn’t break the carb-bank and keeps my sugar monster at bay.


Oh strawberries, I’m going to eat you up so good. Strawberry shortcake! (Without the cake.)

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