Customer Compassion

First, I just completed Day 1 of Round 3! Blood levels were where they needed to be, obviously. (Woohoo!) I am now just over a week away from being HALFWAY DONE with chemo. Holy crap. The time, it flies.

(Rhonda, this one is for you.)

 Now, time for the story that goes with my title:

Some background to begin. I started using StitchFix (referral link, full disclosure) back at my time with the MS Society. I needed more business appropriate attire that also wasn’t boring as a new part of my promotion to the executive management team. I was incredibly impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the pieces they sent;  some of the items I normally wouldn’t have chosen for myself, but absolutely loved! I sang their praises from the hilltops.

Then, a year or so later, I started working from home.

Initially, I had grand plans of, you know, actually showering and getting ready for work. But when the chance of seeing a human being that is not your husband is highly unlikely, well, those plans fly right out the window. So, I cancelled my StitchFix account. (#sorrynotsorry Kenji, I know all you really want is me naked.)

Fast-forward to present. With the loss of nearly 20 pounds (10 of which I’ve since gained back, thankfully) and a complete change of my body type, my current wardrobe has consisted of workout leggings, t-shirts, hoodies and beanies. I’m not complaining, it’s quite comfortable and I’ve enjoyed living in mindless comfort the past 2 months, but a girl has to get some clothes that fit at some point.

So, I signed back up for StitchFix.

Who doesn’t like a package of new clothes (yay!) waiting for them?! It’s like Christmas! Additionally, the stylists take the time to read the completed style profile, in which I noted that I was currently going through chemo treatment and needed to accommodate my need for comfort as well as ease of access.

Turns out the stylist who was assigned also went through infusion treatments and her recommendations were spot on. Here are the pieces I received, in case you’re curious:


In my feedback, I thanked her for her thoughtfulness and shared what I loved and didn’t like as much on what I kept (which was everything — they give you 25% off if you order all 5 items). I thought that was the end of it until my next delivery at the end of April.

Not so! There was a package waiting for me today from StitchFix. Huh? They sent this with a hand-written note saying they were sending their thoughts:


Now, THAT, is customer compassion if I ever heard of it. Just another reason to love this great company. And it definitely brightened my first day of chemo.

PS – I’m adding the shifts for Round 4 to the scheduler right now. They’ll be up in the next hour. There’s still a shift open for Round 3 next week (Wednesday 8am-12pm).

PPS – Wig photos coming soon. 😀

8 thoughts on “Customer Compassion

  1. Cool! I just started Letote and have been happy so far. New stuff every week- you sort of rent stuff rather than keep it. It was nice to have options while I was going through my de-Chubbying phase. Might be worth checking out 🙂

    Miss you!

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  2. I am actually sitting here teary eyed. Ok, it could be the two whole glasses of champagne but this really got to me. I am going to give them another try just b/c of you. My amazing friend! I’ll be up there soon to take you around and celebrate all the awesomeness that is you!

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