Set Backs & Progress

I’ll start with the bad news first. If you’re a “But I like Good News first” sort of person, scroll to the bottom.

“Ha ha ha,” my body taunted, “you go ahead and keep making plans, and I’ll keep reminding you how absolutely fruitless that will be.”

Chemo has been postponed a week since my white blood cell count is very low. (Official language: my total granulocyte count is low.) While I was anticipating this occurrence at some point during treatment (my doc told me it was pretty much a given), I just wasn’t expecting it so soon.

I’ll call a spade a spade; I’m disappointed. Remember those earlier posts about hating to wait? Patience is a virtue that apparently the universe wants me to have.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiine. *stomps foot*

This means my entire schedule is thrown off whack. I am deleting the March dates and putting on the dates that I know for sure at this point — which is to say, next week only. They don’t have enough nurses for me for IP next week, so that will be administered at the hospital. I’m assuming it will be a full day and will add it to the schedule, but it may be updated early next week with final times. So, please sign up again. Apologies for any inconvenience.

This also means Operation Anti-Contagion is in full effect. I have to abide by the following rules:

  • Stay away from crowds (also known as, what will Jessica reorganize while she’s stuck at home?)
  • Stay away from people with active infections: cough, runny nose, small children, flu (Seriously, they listed small children as active infections, which I kind of find to be perfectly appropriate.)
  • Do not eat fresh fruit or vegetables (I just bought a 3-pack of GORGEOUS strawberries at the farmers market YESTERDAY goddammit.)
  • No direct contact with fresh cut flowers, animals, fish or birds. (Looks like no visits from my furry friends. Super sad face.)
  • Monitor my temperature closely. Anything above 100.4 earns me a trip to the Emergency Room.

Good times.

Speaking of good times, I do have some fantastic news, which is how I prefer to end the above annoyance. With something positive: (As a reminder, the CA125 is the ovarian cancer blood marker.) Down = GOOD!


14 thoughts on “Set Backs & Progress

  1. I’ll start with the good news ! By by you bio marker ! Kicking cancers ass! Wait there’s more… Organization is amazing and awesome for the soul from one OCD to Another!! And lastly there are no setbacks just longer rtes to the finish line ! Xo


  2. I might have shed a little tear just now looking at your protein results; just so happy to see things moving in such a positive direction. Love you forever. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Two step one step. I am jealous of your “Organizational” time and I’ll request additional puppy kisses to magically pass on to you….somehow. I actually cracked up at “No Kids” on the list of banned subjects (???…shrugging). Lots of love to you and Kenji. XOXO!

    PS-I can’t eat a pot pie without thinking of you!


  4. You are amazing girl! I know we don’t know each other well, but I’ve been following your blog and journey over the past few months. Please know that your spirit, humor, strong will, and kick ass blogging skills inspire many. I am so sorry that you (and Kenji) are going through this. Ugh,Cancer sucks! It’s affected so many-way to many….including my family.

    Keep up your witty, funny humor and kick ass blogs….they are equally amazing. And I hope to ride bikes with you again soon:).

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