Wig Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out Sunday bringing wigs, food, and fun! Special shout out to D for her amazing wig contribution (13 in total!)! Yes, I have totally been putting different ones on the past 24 hours. I’ve got big plans for these wigs.

Okay, maybe not sooo big. But a photo project is in the works, for sure.

On a side note, I love how parties have evolved in our more “mature” years… instead of hiding beer where others can’t find it, we have a shit ton of beer left over and the house wasn’t completely destroyed. We will definitely have a wig returning party soon!

Round 3 starts tomorrow. Bring. It. On.

5 thoughts on “Wig Success!

  1. I am so glad your party was a huge success.. I am hopeful to come to the next one as it was Ted’s Birthday Sunday! Best wishes this week it’s almost over! Then you’ll be back out on the roads enjoying the fresh air and smiling like you always do… such a beautiful girl!


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