And it begins…

I started a blog post yesterday explaining the process of how there are quite a few pre-medications they give me before they actually begin chemo. This includes pepcid, zofran, and benadryl. Welp, the bendryl knocked me out completely. Which, I suppose, isn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things. I slept through my 1st chemo treatment, didn’t have any adverse affects, and got a full night’s sleep to boot. (Less, the usual hospital interruptions.)

So, those of you who signed up for chemo drives, take note: it’s more like a full day commitment versus just 4 hours. I will update the schedule accordingly later.

Today, brings my first experience with IP chemo. Pre-meds are to begin around 9am. I’ve been told that the main discomfort will be in the abdomen as they’ll be getting close to 2L of liquid in there. A lot of pressure is to be expected. The real suck begins tomorrow as the effects of the chemo start. I’m anticipating not staying in hospital another night, but we’ll take that as it comes.

I’ve been eating like a champ. The hospital food is surprisingly good and they’ve give a lot of options. What I’ve had to remember is to order extra food so I can have snacks in between meals since I get full so quickly.

Overall, my spirits are high and I’m feeling more optimistic than ever. This cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Thanks as always for your comments and well wishes. They really make a difference. XOXO

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