IP Play by Play

If you want to follow along, I’ll update as I can. Discharge today is a go!

9:30am – hydration begins. 500mL. The bag has been refrigerated so its an interesting sensation in my veins. Feels like I have an ice pack on my forearm.

10:20am – numbing cream put on port area. Its located beneath my skin so they have to stick me with a needle into the center of the port. The cream stays on approx 30 min.

11:00am – needle into port. Missed the first time. Nailed it the second time. The needle didn’t hurt but the pressure of finding the center by touching and pressing on the port did. Its obviously still tender from yesterday’s surgery. Premeds begin. Zofran, decadron, emend.

1:00pm – hydration into the port. 500mL

1:40pm – cysplatin into the port. 1L The bag is warmed before they administer.

3:00pm – hydration into the port. 500mL feeling very full in my belly. Hydration into IV. 1L.

4:00pm – flip side to side every 15 minutes for one hour. Distributes the fluid through the abdomen.

5:00pm – monitoring for an hour just to make sure no weird reactions and what not.

6:00pm – discharge! Going home.

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