We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend away in Downtown San Diego. Saturday was spent exploring Balboa Park with a dinner at Stone Brewery in Liberty Station (highly recommend a visit to this or their other location in Escondido if you’ve never had the opportunity). Sunday was spent with some friends and Monday was spent sleeping. Ha! The weekend apparently caught up with me. I did a ton more walking in one weekend than I did all last week combined, I think.

Tomorrow’s surgery is set for 7:30am, which means an early morning wake-up since I have to check in at 5:30am. This surgery is far less involved than my previous one. I don’t have to fast today or prep my bowels. Woohoo! It’s the little things.

The surgery is due to last an hour and then sometime in the evening I’ll get my first dose of chemo via IV (taxol) and stay the night. Approximately 24 hours later I’ll get my IP chemo and then depending on the time of day, stay another night or head home. Kenji will live update again so everyone knows what’s going on.

My chemo schedule will pretty constant based on this surgery date, so I’ve set up the beginnings of a sign-up with this information. You can access that here. And away we go!

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