Surgery & Other Things

My port install & first round of chemo is set for Wednesday, January 20. I’m assuming I’m the first case since they are to give me chemo that day via IV, but I won’t find out until my pre-op appointment this week. I have  a post-op appointment (standard procedure) but it’s the day after my 2nd IP chemo treatment, so we’ll see how that goes… one of the questions to add to the list for the doc.

I think I’ll also find out about the chemo scheduling this week so once I have that information, I can set up a way for anyone to sign up to drive my fine ass about town. Within each 3 week period, there are 5 different journeys.

If my schedule follows the surgery pattern, the days should go as such:

  • Labs – Week 1, Tuesday (1 hour)
  • IV Chemo – Week 1, Wednesday (4 hours)
  • IP Chemo – Week 1, Thursday (4 hours)
  • Labs – Week 2, Tuesday (1 hour)
  • IP Chemo – Week 2, Wednesday (4 hours)

I’m not nearly as anxious as I was about my first surgery, likely because this seems so much smaller in scale than the last one. I’m optimistic overall.

We’re heading out of town on Friday to enjoy the long weekend and have a little getaway before the real work begins. So, this week will be spent puttering, visiting with friends and family, relaxing, and of course, eating as much as possible.

Speaking of which, the bowels are in full working order, just in case you were wondering the latest on that. Admittedly, I’m finding it difficult NOT to talk about bowel movements with everyone I come into contact with. Gotta relearn that filter, apparently.

More to come soon!

6 thoughts on “Surgery & Other Things

  1. Hope you spoil yourselves rotten on your mini vacay! I would be honored to get in some quality drive time with you. Shoot me over the schedule and gaps and let’s do this! Big love,

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