17 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. My boys are professional tooters. I’ll see if they’ve got any advice for you. Because seriously. I live in a house of gas passers.


  2. Visions of cabbage, ducks and barking spiders danced in their heads. Poot! Greatest gift ever! Keep kicking ass, we are beyond impressed with your strength and your spirit… you are loved!!


  3. I can empathize with you here. Mandatory after any abdominal procedure. Sending sweet relief wishes your way.
    Merry Christmas!


  4. You should try some of Fiona’s formula!
    I am not sure what kind of ton-ton milk farm they get this stuff from, but i am pretty sure there is a demons mouth inhabiting my daughters diapers!!

    Looks like mom, farts like dad!


  5. When I had a c-section they did this. I couldn’t leave until I farted to make sure everything was back in working order. But I mean come on how do they expect you to fart on Jell-O ? After some time I think I ended up faking it and was like “oh yeah that just happened” ( not that you should do that). We are rooting for you!! Keep positive and have some bean dip.


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