These Boots Are Made For Walkin’…

‘Walking and sleeping’ was the theme for today in spite of waking with a fever of 102.2. This was due to a condition called atelectasis, where the lungs don’t quite expand enough after surgery and cause the immune system to react. She used her little breathing device every time after five walks today (the last one being a full two laps around the in-patient area) and got the fever down to an almost totally normal 99 degrees by expanding her lungs full of air. Amazing what a little breathing will do. After each walk, Jess sat upright in her chair for 15-20 minutes and took in the sunny view, read or played on the phone, and then conked out for about 30-40 minutes. She’s been asleep for about 40 minutes already add I type this blog entry.

Big thanks to everyone who has commented, popped by, dropped or sent flowers, and just taken the time to show Jess love and support. It means the world.


Using the breathing device to open the lungs.

17 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’…

  1. Such great news!! Thank you for all the updates! I’ve been thinking of you and Jess all week. I’ve had a cold so I’m keeping my distance until I’m 100%. Hoping for more positive days for you both! Merry Christmas!!!!

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  2. Glad to hear that Jess kicked the fever’s butt. Keep it up.!!! And it sounds like she’s kicking butt with with mini-crit racing around the nurses station. You just can’t keep this girl down…pretty soon she will be organizing a race with other patients on the floor. 😃

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  3. Dear Jessica,
    Hopefully, next year, you’ll be spending Christmas in your house and surrounded by all your love ones. And you’ll think back at this year’s Christmas and think: “I did kick cancer’s ass.”
    Kenji, you are a wonderful husband

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  4. Way to go, Jess! Thank you for the updates, Kenji. We’ve been thinking about you guys a lot and want to visit, but Ed was sick earlier this week. Hopefully we will come by soon. Lots of love to you both. xx

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  5. You are a true Champion Jess, way to go. You and Kenji make a great team that are truly kicking some serious Cancer ASS!!! Keep up the good fight!


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