Things that are on my mind

First, administrative: I am not starting treatment.

Monitoring will continue and we will revisit treatment when/if the time comes.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


In addition to the above, my brain has been full of the following:

  1. WWDRPD? (What Would Dr. Rhonda Patrick Do?) A full list of supplements she takes is here. Dr. Patrick is ridiculously, ridiculously smart and I have a total fan girl thing for her.
  2. Be a better person. As a member of the marketing community, and particularly as a creative who is CONSTANTLY sourcing photos for use, this panel discussion at SXSW was amazing to hear and gain insight from. Diversity, now!
  3. Read, read, read. Currently reading this and this. Oh yeah, and just for fun, this (I’m on volume 7).
  4. Meditation & mindfulness. I’ve mentioned Headspace before (1 & 2), and I’ll keep mentioning it over and over again. It’s providing tremendous solace as I travel along the uncertain path that is my health.

    I’m currently listening to the “cancer” track available in the app and it’s hitting all the right notes, emotionally. So much so, that I’ve hit a 25 day streak — my longest to date. I’m aiming to hit 30 — something I hadn’t thought was achievable until pretty much right now.

    Check out the creator of Headspace, Andy Puddicombe, on Russell Brand’s podcast to hear how it got started and learn how legit this guy really is. And if you’ve ever thought about starting a meditation practice, but didn’t think it was possible, I’m telling you, Headspace is the place to start.

  5. And of course, keto. Let it be known that I have perfected two recipes that bring me real food joy. Well, one isn’t so much a recipe, but I have developed the perfect cheese chip — used to great effect as a vehicle for guacamole. Let that sink in for a second… you’re eating guacamole with a chip, made from cheese.

    mmmmmm….. cheeeeeeese.

    Also, I totally nailed a recipe for a keto-friendly sous-vide mini cheesecake. Holy hell, it is SO good. Recipe to come.

    And finally, we have hit the 5 MONTH MARK of keto. What the actual hell? How did that happen and can someone please slow down the clock? Also, this means I am nearly one month away from my cheat day (6 month mark). The menu is already forming in my mind…


That’s all from this very full brain of mine right now. Much love. XO

6 thoughts on “Things that are on my mind

  1. Thanks for the update now it gave me lots of home work, reading, and researching! Glad you found things that are working for you…have an amazing week! and yes we love cheese!

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  2. I used to think Hugo Weaving needed to be cast in the movie as Morpheus…. but now I am thinking Benidict Cumberbatch may be the new King of the Nerds choice, thoughts?

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