Things & Stuff: October Edition

And with one thing and another, October is nearly over.

This past month felt more like *real* life than any other since chemo stopped. It’s almost as though I can pretend that nothing at all happened and life has always been this way, right?


My work on mind, body and spirit continues! I joined a 30-day Bikram yoga challenge at the beginning of the month, and though I was sick twice (Damn you, immune system! Will you get with the program already?!), I have completed 15 days. This is FAR more than I’ve ever done in this span of time, so I’m already counting it a win. And the fact that I count it as a win, makes me count that as a win, because frankly, a year ago, I would have beaten myself up for not doing all 30 days. Or, when I had to miss 5 days in a row the first time I was sick, would have just quit altogether, telling myself that it wasn’t worth it if it wasn’t perfect.

Fuck perfection.

It’s an impossible standard. Something I am finally understanding.

Hello, my name is Jessica, and I am a recovering perfectionist.

This weekend dawns a new era. One where bacon rules and bread is non-existent. That’s right! Keto life begins on Sunday. Well, actually Monday since we’re grocery shopping & meal prepping on Sunday. I’ve been doing a ridiculous amount of research in preparation for this moment. Except, I completely forgot to order the blood tests, so I’ve put the ever-industrious Kenji on that task. (See, look at me go, releasing control.) It only takes 24 hours to get into ketosis, but the note I’m seeing often is that the first month basically blows. I keep hearing about the “keto flu” — so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

I’m meeting with a dietician next week, who I’m hoping will be a guide in this process.

Interested at all about what I’ve found? You can view my folder of goodies here. Yes, there are spreadsheets. What’s annoyingly necessary in all of this is a strict documentation of what you’re putting in your body. It’s all about the macros. *sung to It’s all about that bass*

I’ll be honest. We’ve been indulging these past two weeks as we prepare to say farewell to bread and fruit. Pizza, pita, sourdough toast…. I’ll miss you friends. I’ll try to post regularly on how it all goes!

Work continues to be great and every day brings something different. My little card business side hustle got some great exposure at the Bike MS Bay to Bay Tour last weekend. Everything continues to be groovy.

Happy Halloween to those celebrating! I’m going to be a sleepy person — and by that, I mean, I’m not getting out of my PJs on Tuesday. #workfromhomelife


8 thoughts on “Things & Stuff: October Edition

  1. Such great news and one day I’d like to be in your perfectionist recovery group just not ready to let go yet 🙂 but it’s probably a happier place ! Xo happy Halloween

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  2. Glad things are going well. I am fascinated to hear about your change in diet and look forward to updates as you implement it. I can barely imagine the effort to achieve it since we left everything and moved to CA in no small part for the organic foods. I am thinking good thoughts for you all as you make this large a change in something so basic as diet.
    And I am so happy to see that you have achieved wisdom, grasshopper. Perfection is a lie. And I say that you don’t have to work at being perfect. You are already the most perfect “you” there could ever be; no one else can do it even half as good. (And that is the generic “you”, everyone reading this, not just “YOU”, m’dear.)
    Here’s hugs for you and Kenji to share with each other!

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  3. Love your positivity, Jess! So happy to hear you’re doing better, and have bid farewell to perfection (among other things)… I thought I coined the phrase “recovering perfectionist” when I decided to use it in interviews when asked to describe a negative about myself, lol.

    So nice that Kenji is right by your side adapting to your meal guidelines! I’d hate to say goodbye to the foods you’ve mentioned, but so admire your strength in doing so.

    Continue on with your positive self, Jess! An inspiration to us all! ❤

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