The progress you don’t know you’re making

The path towards change is not an overnight one. It’s a path that requires you to choose, over and over again, the changes you want to enact in your life. Some days, your choices aren’t the ones that bring you toward your goal(s). Other days, they do. Every day, every hour, every second, we’re given another opportunity to choose.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Not surprisingly, change is hard. And making lasting changes to one’s life is hard work.

It has been just over 3 months (94 days) since we stopped chemotherapy. Ninety-four days since I was told I needed to reduce my stress levels and focus on the things I can control. Every day since, I’ve repeated this mantra to myself:

Focus on the things you can control. Release the things you cannot.

My life’s lesson.

After 3 months, my meditation practice is pretty set. The benefits of this addition to my daily routine were felt nearly instantaneously. I cannot recommend the app I use, Headspace, enough. To pretty much everyone I meet.

Fitness continues to be a different beast. A power test on the bike confirmed what I already knew — my power output is down. Significantly. (By 38% for you data nerds out there. *cough* Kenji *cough*) And that’s to be expected! My body has been through A. LOT. This data only helps to inform my training and to (continue to) not be so hard on myself.

It’s been my yoga practice that has shown me — that despite the above — progress is being made. Ninety-four days ago, I could barely make it through the balancing portion of the Bikram series. I constantly fell out of poses. I had to modify nearly every single pose to accommodate my lack of strength and balance. Over 3 months later, and despite inconsistent practice, my balance is improved. My flexibility is improved. My strength is increased.

Slowly, sure, but still in the right direction.

I share this not to #humblebrag, but to remind myself (and maybe you) that change takes time. It takes choosing to do the hard work. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Over and over again. And sometimes — most oftentimes — we can’t see the change that is happening. Not until we’re further down the road.

Focus on the things you can control. Release the things you cannot.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

21 thoughts on “The progress you don’t know you’re making

  1. My eyes are filled with tears… for myself… your journey has been a teaching process and lesson for me… I thank you for that gift … I am humbled and honored to get t read your wise words and thoughtful insight… you bring so much to all of us reading this and all of us who know you! Love you and continue down your path…it’s yours and you own it girl! Love you!

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  2. Way to go Jess!! YES, YES, YES. Changes are good, and so stoked you are healing and getting stronger…Over time, you will totally ADAPT to a new lifestyle and it will be smooth and Awesome–Take it from this MS Warrior, I have had so many changes in life, I have failed been knocked down, fought my way out of the bad days, BUT the best thing is overcoming those challenges. You are also a warrior and you will overcome all those challenges, and the feeling of success will be the BEST FEELING in all the world..Keep on Keeping on!!

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  3. I believe that it is because you were so amazingly fit when this all began, that you are down only 38 percent fitness level. I know that the word, “only” sounds ridiculous to you, however if you were not the crazy athlete that you are, I’m betting that number would be much much higher. You were fighting and winning this battle before you even knew that you were in a fight! YOU are very impressive!!

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  4. Wow I so needed to read this, I’m adopting your mantra…thank you for sharing this post really spoke to me! And keep up the great work, you are such an inspiring lady!!

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  5. Great advice Jess, so glad it’s all working for you! Attitude, perseverance, yoga and meditation, plus a lotta patience! Great recipes for many with health challenges!

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  6. I am happy to hear you are doing better. How very unselfish of you. Thank you for the reminder & for helping me out of my emotional funk today! Love to you, Kenji, Ola & Toshio 😘

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