Home Sweet Home

I have 3 days of antibiotics left no more antibiotics left  and there’s really no good word to describe how amazing it will be to NOT have an IV in my arm (I’m on #5) any longer.

Oh, bathtub, I’m coming for you. And pool. And jacuzzi. And basically any body of water where I can soak up the sun/relaxation.

The nurse practitioner I met with this morning for a follow-up agreed enough was enough, and as she put it: “It’s your body.” I said, “We’re done.”

Being at home made the suck of self-administering these antibiotics about a million times better than letting a nurse do it in a hospital. We had a small snafu two days ago when my line came out, but the nurse was able to fix it without having to poke me again. Sidenote: I am now considered a “hard stick” because my veins are tattered from all the abuse of so many IVs, blood tests, and lab work ups.

Speaking of abuse, chemo really took a toll on my body and my doctor has decided that we’re stopping for now. Actually, we couldn’t have continued even if we wanted to — my platelet level went dangerously low (7,000 — normal range is 100,000-150,000), and chemo cannot be administered with those numbers.

I’m not going to lie — I was relieved to hear we’d be pausing.

We were fighting a small amount of cancer with some pretty potent drugs and he was not happy to see me land in the hospital for a 2nd time during treatment. His MO is more “watch & see,” meaning monitoring any growth before taking action versus my more “something is in there, let’s kill it with everything we’ve got now!!” approach, which clearly didn’t do me any good.

We have a follow-up mid-July to decide how we’re going to move forward. In the meantime, the focus is on mental and physical health.


18 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Jessica,

    So nice to hear you get to go home! Here’s hoping the rest ‘n relaxation will give you just what you need right now – a well-deserved break!

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  2. I was so hoping to see this news… you continue to radiate awesomeness … just pure awesomeness! I love your smile I see it when I close my eyes!

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  3. So glad that you’re home. REST LIKE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO!!! Slow and steady wins the race, Ms. Turtle!! You know to give your body a chance to do some healing before you ask it to do super-healing. And I am so with you about getting into the water, whatever water there is. I have started pool therapy for my neck/shoulders and the room is at 95-96 degrees and the pool is about 90 degrees. It’s wonderful. If nothing else, it gets gravity off my back. Literally.
    Eat what you can–and I’m hoping it’s sushi. Take it easy–I mean, you know the drill. I am still sending you lots and lots of healing energy–and the patience to take it slowly! Hugs and hugs for Kenji–get him to give you the same amount back and call it from me.
    Love you guys!!

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  4. After so many days fighting, hope you can breathe and relax. God know you deserve it. Let us know when you post a new visitor schedule. Love to see you again and sending prayers and hugs your way.

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  5. I’m so glad you’re home and DONE now…your body is asking for rest for a bit and I’m happy you’re doing that. You’ll only get stronger from here. Praying all the time for you. Love you so much!!

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