I hate hospitals but I love nurses.

Soooooo…. I’m still in the hospital (day 9). The fevers are reduced but still happening. My red blood cell count is normal, my platelets are still low, and my white​ blood cell count is pathetic but rising. 

The nursing staff at Kaiser continues to be amazing and that’s pretty much one of the only things keeping me sane (the other being the ice cream I have stored in my fridge since I’m neutropenic [Google it]).

Clarity: I have a fridge for bottled water, since I can’t have tap. We’re taking full advantage of having said fridge.

Mostly though, I’m well enough to give a quick update. 

I’m on my 4th IV. At one point I had two going at once. One for transfusions; the other for antibiotics. 

See the blood bring transfused?

The one on my right hand got angry, so IV #4 was on the docket. But not before I had a proper shower. My nether region was most pleased. Three days without a shower will do that to you… Just FYI.

Good amount of swelling

Overall, I’m doing okay. I’m sick of being here. I’ve only had one complete meltdown, which I consider a win when you’re relegated to your room. Hoping for better WBC counts tomorrow. Send me white blood cell vibes. 


21 thoughts on “I hate hospitals but I love nurses.

  1. Thank you for the courage to continue taking us on this journey with you … I aspire to have this strength and everyday work on making The world a better place because that’s what you have done for so many with your big huge smile and infectious attitude !


  2. People who are tremendously strong mentally, class acts in the face of hardship, and enjoy a good #2:

    1) Tom Dumoulin
    2) Jess & Kenji

    Tons of white blood cell vibes heading your way! You guys are inspiring!

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  3. hello white blood cells …. where are you ???? …. c’mon …. where are you hiding ! ….. ohhhh there you are …. hey jess ! they are are coming back ….. big hug !

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  4. Thanks for letting us in on your journey. Your courage and smile are infectious. (I’ve only said that about one other person so, in my opinion, you are in good company) Sending good vibes, hugs and kisses and a giant pot pie when you’re ready!

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  5. Well hell. In the hospital sucks, but you are where you need to be to get healthy. And there is no shame in having a meltdown. It is totally earned…and totally understandable.
    WBC vibes galore for you! And hugs to share with Kenji. Be a good patient and do what the nice nurses tell you to–so you can go home!
    Love you guys.

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