This Week & Last

As I type this, I only have 3 more infusions remaining. It’s almost hard to believe. While I know it’s not “over” yet, a chapter is definitely getting ready to close.

Each round has brought it’s own unique challenges and variation of side effects. The constant has been knowing that the first week will suck, but ultimately will also pass. Last round was no exception, with the usual bowel and nausea issues. This time around, the “chemo brain” made things even more difficult. Yes, yes, chemo brain is real, providing loads of fun like: difficulty finding words and forming sentences that make it seem like English is my second language. I literally cannot do strenuous brain activity (anything that requires me to think and problem solve) during the first week, or I immediately get nauseous. What a pain in the ass.

Needless to say, by the end of the week, I’m crawling out of my skin. I’ve got a couple irons on the fire in addition to the projects I’m doing for my regular job, so a week of staring mindlessly at the TV feels like such a waste when I want to do ALL. THE. THINGS.

The upswing has begun, dampened only by the fact that our water heater went kaput on Saturday. It was over 20 years old, so we weren’t super surprised when it completely failed, but we are without hot water until the mold remediation is complete (sometime next week). Thank goodness for my gym membership that gets me access to a hot shower. (And frankly, it forces me out of the house for a quick workout anyway!)

Other than that, all is well! Hard to believe MAY is nearly here and with it, my 35th birthday, 4th wedding anniversary, and (hopefully) a clean bill of health.

12 thoughts on “This Week & Last

  1. You have such strength and perseverance. With each hurdle you’ve been given you rise above it. Badass is right!!! Can’t wait to see you soon Pookie xx

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  2. Moving on & upward. I can’t wait to read your post that says ‘I’m done with Chem!’

    Keep it up girlie…you’re making this look easy!

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