Status Report: 50% complete with chemotherapy.

I’m feeling better and better (wtf?) each round. Or rather, I’m getting used to what each round means for me. I recall last time I went through chemo telling Kenji I was finally getting the hang of everything the 5th round.

Out of 6 rounds. So not helpful.

The fact that I’ve found a sort of rhythm by the end of Round 3 hopefully means that the final 50% of this bullshit will be manageable in a way it was not Round 1.

The first 4-5 days after chemo are the worst with the 3rd day being just miserable. The fatigue is becoming cumulative, but I find that if I have some momentum (putter, putter, putter) I keep the fatigue at bay. I often wish this puttering time was spent working on fitness, but some days I feel lucky to just be able to keep moving around. And so I remind myself that I am lucky, and my body is doing the best it can, and it’s a little busy kicking cancer’s ass right now, so chill out already.

What am I doing for fitness though? See below, or skip to the next paragraph. (read: Hilary do this.)

That being said, I am doing yoga on a mostly daily basis. I’ve got a rad app from Gaim that gives me 15-60 minute themed series, from relaxation to stretching. I also have passes for Bikram Yoga, which is my zen place. While that’s all fine and good for my core (which is the core (haha) of other strength), I’ve decided I need more of a circuit-style routine focused on the different muscle groups. Leg day, here I come. Activities like riding and walking just seem to make things worse. Light weights with high reps will be good. I’m glad I’ve kept my gym membership.

Moving right along, I celebrated my 36th birthday yesterday. I had a lovely celebration with family.

I’m getting out of the house; friends are visiting during calls for human interaction; I’m doing some hourly work for my day job. Minus the whole cancer thing, I’m doing better than about 99% of the world.

So that’s what’s up. Looking forward to a full week off and starting my 4th round on my 5th wedding anniversary. Kenji is taking me… how romantic. We’ll be sure to take a photo to show our celebration, haha!

Have a wonderful rest of your week and a most excellent weekend!

19 thoughts on “Status Report: 50% complete with chemotherapy.

  1. You’re amazing Jess! ❤ Your attitude is very inspiring. It must take so much effort and is well worth it! Thinking of you. Much love. <3<3

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  2. Glad to hear things are going well. I remember your first birthday…it’s amazing how time flies and that it’s been 36 years already. I am so glad that I have had the chance to see the consequences of my decision and that (cancer aside) it was a good one. You are an amazing woman. Keep on keeping on. And you can celebrate your 5th anniversary whenever you want–so that you can send pictures of candles and roses and champagne! Hugs and hugs! Peace and blessings to you and your dear husband!


  3. I could learn a thing or two from you with that great attitude of yours! Such an inspiration… Happy 36th Birthday and Happy Anniversary!


  4. Amazing & inspiring… That’s you! ❤️ All the hugs to you, friend! Happy Anniversary to you & Kenji!!!


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