Clarification on the Mastectomies

So… my what’s next post seemed to cause a fair amount of confusion. I realize I missed re-sharing an important piece of information with all the other information, and that my initial sharing of said information just got lost with all the other stuff contained in the post.

Because. let’s face it, there’s a shit ton of information coming at us in this process in general, so no wonder people were confused when I started talking about boobs.

Let me clarify.

Three months ago, we met with a geneticist. We received results that I am positive for the BRCA1 gene (this links to a big ol’ FAQ with all sorts of information). This result is actually is good news. Why??? Because we know what caused my cancer and my doctor can more effectively provide treatment.

Dealing with the ovarian cancer is the first step. Once I’m done with chemo, I will be recommended to a breast specialist. My desire is for prophylactic surgery but the timing for that remains to be determined.

Hope that clears it up! Happy Friday!

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