What’s Next?

With only two (TWO!) rounds left, a lot of folks have been asking “What happens next?” Well, that brings us back into the unknown.

Once I complete chemo, I’m done! No radiation is anticipated. Upon completion of the 6th round, I’ll get a new CT scan. If (when) that comes back clear, they’ll schedule surgery to remove the port. I’m not sure if that’s an outpatient procedure, but I imagine it’ll be an easy one regardless. That will occur 2-3 weeks after chemo ends.

Then, I get recommended to the breast specialist! (I was sad to realize that Dr. Tierney would not continue with me on this journey, but you know, wrong body part and all.) This is where the unknown comes in.

The new doc may want to wait out the recurrence period (18 months) before we proceed with any breast surgery. At first, the reaction was that if it was medically necessary to wait, we would, but if it wasn’t, we would seek other options outside of Kaiser. Upon further education, a double mastectomy is quite the undertaking. (Understatement of the year.)

It’s not a matter of “woohoo new boobs!” — all of the breast tissue is removed and tissue expanders are inserted and saline added until the desire skin stretching has occurred. Approximate timeline: 4-6 months. Hmmmm, maybe the full Cs I was thinking about aren’t sounding so great anymore.

In any case, we’re taking this one thing at a time. But that’s what on the horizon!

6 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. It’s all positive and one day at a time ! Your journey is amazing your strength unsurpassed and your future so full of wonder … And Inspirstion ..

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  2. It’s quite a journey you’re taking. Glad that you’re hitting milestones at a regular interval, and in such good spirits and energy. Oh wait, that’s how you ride a bike for miles and miles…LOL
    FWIW, and really TMI, I have always thought that my girls were just great at 36B. Large enough for a handful, small enough to go braless without pain. (Or overt leers) I know that you’ll figure out your perfect number … and be beautifully endowed, with whatever size you have.
    Keep resting when you’re tired and eating when you’re hungry…take your organic vitamins and be in the sunshine whenever you can!
    My love to you and Kenji.

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  3. The fearless keeps knocking down each milestone as if it’s nothing but a walk in the park. Jess, you are the strongest lady that I know. I think you should run for President!

    Keep up the good work & positive attitude!!!

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