Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

This post was created nearly a week ago, but with one thing and another, it didn’t get posted. Here it is now. The head is fully shaved at this point.

It started falling out a few nights ago. Not like I’m standing still and hair is just jumping off my head, but any time I removed my pony tail holder, more and more hair was present. In the shower, the drain strainer would require clearing more and more often. I couldn’t run my hand through my hair without bringing some along with my fingers.

Time for the mohawk.

Turns out, I have a good shaped head! I’m digging this look. I’ll have to shave the rest eventually, but I’m seriously considering growing this back. The maintenance alone is amazing. 😉 Kenji set up a whole photo session to document the before and after, so enjoy his final shots after the fold…


29 thoughts on “Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

  1. “Excellent” glad I was there to see you rock it in person, totally works for you and watch Bill and Ted’s by your side. You’re an inspiration to me and have always been. Hugs and love friend.

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  2. Wow- That Mo Hawk is Rad and so are you! You are a TRUE WARRIOR, kicking Cancer ASS. Proud of you and keep on Charging…Saying my prayers for ya every day.. Cheers..

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