New Round, New Routine

The infusion center handles their procedures a little differently than the hospital. We learned on my Day 8 infusion, they are far more efficient. What took the full day in hospital was done by 2:30pm at the infusion center. This time around, I’ll be responsible for taking my own pre-medications, less benadryl.

Turns out, benadryl can not only render you unconscious, it can cause restless legs and arms. I was excited to sleep through chemo again when they gave me benadryl for Day 8, except that I was also lucky enough to get the weird leg and arm thing too. It felt so strange to be restless and sleeply at the same time.

Do this. Don’t mess up!

For this round, all my pre-medication will be taken in pill form. I’m curious to see if this makes the time at the center even shorter. The most confusing portion is the anti-nausea meds that essentially require me to set calendar reminders. If the label with the prescription directions is larger than the bottle containing the prescription… well, that’s something.

So, bring on the new routine. Round 2 doesn’t stand a chance.

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