Good Days & Bad Days

My bowels continue to be a source of frustration. I have to keep reminding myself that while I look pretty darn okay on the outside, there’s a whole lot more healing on the inside.

That being said, each day has been different. The newness of being home has worn off, and I’m trying to contend with my body as it dictates what the day will be like. As someone who likes routine and schedule, the unknown of each day isn’t always easy to contend with.

Half of the staples were removed last week and the rest will be removed tomorrow. We will also discuss the next steps as we prepare for chemo. We received a ton of information from the oncology nurse on Thursday that we need to review ahead of tomorrow’s appointment. Let the list of questions grow!

My appetite continues to improve, but with the aforementioned bowel issues, I’m a bit wary with each meal — afraid I’m backing myself up further. We had to resort to an enema last week and while that was an interesting experience — to say the least — it’s not one I want to make a habit. I can tell you more about laxative products than I ever could have imagined. Good times.

Thanks to those who have managed to visit during the good moments and powered through when I lost steam. Thanks to those who were called off last-minute for understanding that sometimes, I just don’t have it in me for visitors. We’ll connect soon enough. Love you all. I’ll have more information about what’s to come soon.

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