Baby steps…pffft.

Hi everyone! Jess had an awesome day yesterday. She was able to get out of bed four times and even made a lap of the area outside her room by the end of the day. She started with a walker and only went about 30 feet, and ended with an unassisted full lap! Strong!

She is using a breathing device to help expand her lungs, however she has developed an atelectasis which is causing a fever this morning, so visitation will be very limited. Please text me if you plan to come by and I will confirm with Jess and the nurses if she is up for it.


The first walk needed a walker, but that was the only one.

7 thoughts on “Baby steps…pffft.

  1. The Landrum’s send our famous hugs! Great start to the recovery process! Bummer about the fever. Jessica is a strong willed gal, she’ll do just fine! Never had a doubt!

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