I’m IN.

It didn’t matter that I all the referral paperwork finally went through last week. There was still a matter of determining true eligibility to be in the study and that meant another trip to Portland with a slew of tests on Monday. Even as results trickled in, checking the many boxes required for entry, until I had an appointment on the books for Study Day 0 (D0), I took nothing for granted.

But fuck all that noise because this bitch is IN. THE. TRIAL!

I am patient #31.

Wanna read all the technical jargon for the trial? Here is the listing on the National Institute of Health, so you know I’m not seeing some whack job.

What does it means for the near future? I’m in Portland as I type this. D0 is tomorrow. I fly home on Friday. Then I come back the following week. Then I come back 2 weeks after that, and then one more time the week after that.

From there, I get a 4 week break before I’m due back once more for initial study testing (the “is this working” test) and then I leave for Maui for a family vacation shortly after.


I go back again right after we get back from vacation for more testing, and then hopefully get the go ahead to continue with the trial.

DID I MENTION THAT I’M IN?! I don’t have the headspace for the after Maui portion. Nor do I need to. I’m trying NOT to be 26 steps ahead of everything and am feeling all the emotions of excitement, hope, nervousness, apprehension, and everything else that goes along with the possibilities of this study.

The first hard part is over. There will be more hard parts to come.

But today, WE CELEBRATE.


16 thoughts on “I’m IN.

  1. Yay!! So glad you are IN!! They’re fortunate to have such an enthusiastic, knowledgable, and compliant participant. You are remarkable! Hoping and praying for remarkable results!

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  2. Congrats! But that’s a lot of travel … does this trial also pay for travel? maybe you wrote about that and i missed it. how many trips? and when you’re up there is 200% focus on the trial or do u get personal days?

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