Cancer Free

Turns out, being told you no longer have cancer is really similar to being told you don’t.

Numb with shock, immediately crying upon hanging up the phone, the entirely surreal feeling about the whole thing; these are the constants between diagnosis and being told you’re clear.

The main difference: the feelings that ultimately emerge. With my diagnosis, that was heartbreak and fear, but also resolve. With the latest news, relief, hope, and happiness. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I meet with the doc on Tuesday to schedule the port removal, which she says should be able to be scheduled quickly since it’s a short procedure. From there, I’ll see her again at the end of July for our first monitoring appointment, and a true “No Evidence of Disease” (NED).

I suspect this blog will start slowing down as my treatment comes to an end (until we take on the boobs). Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. For letting me talk endlessly about poop. For the comments of encouragement and love, which I read multiple times during shitty days to help keep my spirits up. You strengthened me and helped me beat this monster. For that, I am grateful.

10 thoughts on “Cancer Free

  1. Thanks for sharing from your heart I don’t think I could have written so entertainingly and with such heart … Mainly I would be using the F word all the time … I am hoping NED until your 100th birthday and beyond ! The journey is new now enjoy it !

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  2. I’m SO stoked! Although I know this will be a lifetime of monitoring and there could be more hiccups, your army of love and faithful friends will NEVER LEAVE YOU! You are so loved and cared for, it’s really breathtaking. It was your battle to fight, your war to wage and you did it. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of disappointment and fear- you are reborn even more beautiful, wise and powerful.
    I love you more than wine and weed and vacations and pizza and candy! Xx love my sis

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  3. Thank you for including us in your journey of hope and health. You are such a beautiful person and your grace under pressure has inspired me! Cannot wait to hug you in person!


  4. Wifey and I are so proud of you Jess! What you have endured seems like one of the toughest things imaginable. Thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for your hard work in beating this thing!

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  5. What a journey! Thank you for taking us along with you and sharing your pain, your hope, your story. May you be blessed with good news for the rest of your life!

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  6. Your determination and positive attitude inspired everyone who read your blog. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  7. Jessica- You are my hero! Your strength, endurance, stubbornness, and humor need to be bottled and sold. With every blog, my emotions would soar up, down, and sometimes spin. Your words and scenarios blurred the reality of the pain, nausea, anxiousness, fright, disgust and more for the terrible disease that ravaged your body, let alone the meds that did the same. How you could make me laugh so much at such terrible circumstances, I do not know. But always my heart was with you, and reading between the lines that so gently kept us all abreast of the goings on of your days, I was appalled at the viciousness of the disease and treatments. You inspired me with every read, to be a more positive & grateful person. Congratulations on your Victory!!! Hugs,

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