Round 4 Done!

Time has been a funny thing these past few months. I can’t believe I’m done with the 4th of 6 rounds (66.6666666…% complete!) and simultaneously, time seems to stand still. Or life does, in a way.

The first week of treatment feels like wading through mud with the nausea and a wacko sleep schedule. I’m up and down all day and night as all the liquid they’ve pumped into my body empties out. And, since we’re honest and open here about pooping, I’m emptying out in other ways as well. In a nutshell, it sucks. Symptoms this round started earlier and stayed longer. But, I didn’t throw up once! So, I’m calling it a win.

It’s incredible how those symptoms can change overnight — the nausea subsides, the energy slowly returns, and I try to find a sense of normalcy and routine in the two weeks between the next round. It’s a constant roller coaster.

I recently started using an app called Fabulous that lets you create and track your daily rituals and habits. (It’s only available for Android at the moment.) This is all part of my “A Better Me” movement. These next two months (and beyond) will be spent building daily habits and routines that improve my life and health — adding meditation to the mix, removing processed sugars from the diet, setting goals and plans for life and work… I’m using the time to the fullest that I can!

Round 5 is up and ready for sign-ups! Get after it!

7 thoughts on “Round 4 Done!

  1. Cannot wait to see what you discover in your journey of making plans for life and work. You can do anything. Love you!


  2. No matter what happens in the plans you make, I am so proud to be your best friend. It’s a title I wear with honor and each day your enthusiasm for life and optimistic outlook give ME strength. Love you like a crazy person!!!


  3. The changes that you’re making are awesome. It’s just a shame that it’s for such a shitty reason. (Literally, apparently. Speaking of which, I left some appropriate memes on your FB, dunno if you’ve seen them…feel free to use them any time you want!)
    Glad to hear that these rounds are going right along. Don’t want to say quickly, because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t seem like that to you…but time moves forward, as it must. I’m still sending plenty of happy-happy joy-joy healing energy for you–and for Kenji, who is going through this with you. Not that my opinion makes a lick of difference, but I really like him–I mean, I love him because he loves you, but…I am so happy and relieved that you have someone who has you and your health as his first priority. He is, as they say, a “good guy”.
    Keep loving and keep healing up!! HUGS


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